Book a parking

Provide your phone number,
vehicle number, and needed date.
You will receive a confirmation of the availability of free space.


Make a payment

After receiving confirmation of place availability, make a payment.
You will be given a phone number as the key to open the gate.


Use parking 24/7

Open the parking gate without waiting at any time by making a free call from your registered phone to the given key number.

Why to Use
LabiganPARK system

The price is economically advantageous

LabiganPARK provides economically advantageous long-term parking in a fenced safe area in the center of Purvciems, offering the lowest price in the vicinity. Please let us know about other cheaper offers and we will make our best special offer as much as possible!
See price list

System Security

The LabiganPARK territory is completely fenced, providing authorized access only. Customers can easily enter or leave the area at any time of the day by making a free call from their registered phone. Note that making a call from an unauthorized number or after the prepaid registration period will not open the gate. There is continuous 24/7 security video surveillance in the territory, the object is guarded by a security company.

Stability and growth

User loyalty is important to us. In case of price changes, we will inform the existing customers about it at least 3 months in advance, until then ensuring the previous price level. During any prepaid period, the service will be 100% provided throughout the period. We are continuing the modernization work!

How does it technically work?

The gates of the LabiganPARK territory are unlocked with the help of a GSM phone controller/computer. The user makes a free call to the assigned gate number, during which the number identifier operates. The user's phone must not have an active number identifier lock. Currently, in the LabiganPARK system, it is possible to authorize any user phone with a number registered in Latvia (country code +371). After the user makes an authorized free phone call, the gate opens immediately. After crossing, the gate closes automatically.

Additional information

The LabiganPARK parking service is provided only if free space is available, priority is given to regular customers. Before using the closed area parking lot, read its TERMS OF USE (PDF file in Latvian) !

Valid price list

Monthly subscription: 30,00 €
Minibus: 40,00 €
Motorcycle / ATV: 25,00 €

Annual subscription: 350,00 €
One day (24 h): 5,00 €

Additional user phone registration for a key: +2,00 €/month

After receiving the confirmation, the payment can be made

  1. 1) by prior transfer to Meteorite Lab, Ltd (Reg. No.: 40203568939, SEPA ID: LV43ZZZ40203568939)
       Swedbank bank account: LV40HABA0551057897142
       Indicate "Parking Automation Services" and your vehicle number in the payment order
  2. 2) with cash
  3. Sorry, credit card payments are currently not possible! We plan to restore them soon with a commission of no more than 3%.


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